Corelle deals

They are lighter than other stoneware mugs I have used and hand wash easy. I had the dinner plates and decided my granddaughters were old enough to have regular plates, not kiddie ones. I love these plates with the small blue flowers and leaves design on them. They hold up against children, clumsy husbands, knives, etc.

Pack of 6. I remembered the Corelle my mother used to have holding up well to abuse, so I decided to replace my old tempered-glass dish set with many missing pieces corelle deals these. I've never had a problem with Corelle before I've used their dishes most of my lifeso I really hope this isn't a sign of weakening in their product overall.

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I love the plates that survived delivery. The only downside is it doesn't have the rim on the bottom that ceramic dishes have so it can slip around in my hand. I am having to return the entire set for a replacement. The dinner plate is perfect as a microwave cover for the serving bowl, and the bread-and-butter plates are perfect to cover the individual bowls.

Bought these specifically for re-heating food but I love the luncheon size and use them for everything. Only 9 left in stock - order soon.

Corelle deals
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